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Selected Publications

Temporal scaling of motor cortical dynamics reveals hierarchical control of vocal production

Arkarup Banerjee* #, Feng Chen*, Shaul Druckmann, Michael A. Long #. Nat Neurosci​ 2024 Mar;27(3):527-535.

* Co-first author. # Co-corresponding author

Convergent behavioral strategies and neural computations during vocal turn-taking across diverse species. 

Banerjee A*, Vallentin D*. Curr Opin Neurobiol. 2022 Mar 31;73:102529.

* Co-corresponding author.

Using focal cooling to link neural dynamics and behavior. 

Banerjee A*, Egger R*, Long MA. Neuron. 2021 Jun 19: S0896-6273(21)00408-6

* Co-first author.

Singing Mice

Banerjee, A, Steven M. Phelps and Michael A. Long. 2019. Current Biology, 29:6. 

Motor cortical control of vocal interactions in neotropical singing mice.

Okobi DE Jr*, Banerjee A*, Matheson AMM, Phelps SM, Long MA. Science. 2019, 263 (6430): 983-988. * Co-first author. 

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